Praise for 5ives

“Anyway, I admire that you are an asshole of the right kind, but at the same time I want to spit on you. I don’t like my own kind. Whatever, piss off..” — Lou

“I’m Ariel from, we are interested in buying your domain If you’re interested, please let me know the price and some traffic stats.” — Ariel

“You’re either Amish or a commie.” — Kevin

“I’m not confident that it’d have wide enough appeal as a book to interest one of the major publishers.” — Ted

“I am interested in renting a sub-domain on your site (on an ongoing month-to-month basis), which would promote an informational site (as an example, please take a look at Please rest assured that the content of the subdomain will NEVER involve any questionable, adult or offensive content.” — Jay

“You completely wasted my day, you asshole.” — Jim

“You’re pretty into yourself, aren’t you?” — Lorraine

“So clever and snarky you are! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone threw your fat ass down a well!” — Matthew