Five donations that, frankly, the food bank has had just about enough of

  1. O’Hurlington’s Beet Majesty in Unrendered Goo: 12-oz. Can
  2. Generic-brand 12-Bean Ranchero Puffs with Cornsilk Dip’n Sauce: FunPak™ of 5
  3. Mysterious Lady Friend’s Pork Torquelinas in Brine: 14-oz. can (with attached Brinevelope)
  4. “No Fucking Way is This Flan!” (aka N.F.W.I.T.F.®): 12 4-oz. pellets
  5. Shiftless José’s Organic Taco-style Shell Product with Embarcadero Cheezey Drizzlin’s: 15-piece “¡Bueno Suerte!” case
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