Five extraordinary food and drink deals within three blocks of our flat

  1. 16oz. of BBQ pork chow mein & 3 dim sum of your choice: $2.33 (Bay Pastry)
  2. Forestville 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.5l bottle: $8.49 (Sevan Liquors [a/k/a “The Little Laotian Man”])
  3. 1/4 BBQ duck, 1/4 soy sauce chicken, served over baby bok choy and enormous pile of white rice: $3.50 (8 Immortals Seafood Restaurant)
  4. Huge-ass steak burrito with avocado, rice, and beans: $4.00 (El Burrito Express)
  5. 3 crispy tacos: $2.00 w/coupon (Taco Bell/KFC)
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